Ride Yellow

Project Details

March 14, 2016
Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade

Project Description

Challenge: Yellow cabs are one of the most efficient, cost-effective and safe modes of transportation for New Yorkers with the emergence of competing “ride sharing” and e-hailing app-based companies in New York City, the “Ride Yellow” campaign was created to remind users of the benefits of yellow cabs in an ever competing market for passengers.

Solution: This 30-second TV spot, titled “Ride Yellow,” was written and produced for Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade in New York City with the goal of showing New York City residents and visitors the benefits of riding Yellow using poll tested messaging. The top messages were that riding Yellow is safe, easier than ever before with the new taxi apps, and won’t break the bank with surge pricing. Further, each of these messages implicitly contrasts with top e-hailing competitors, who have frequently been in the news for driver abuses, unsafe rides, and outrageous cases of surge pricing.

Using catchy, playful, old-time music, a diverse acting cast and iconic New York imagery, the spot was created specifically to give a “New York” feel. The actors in the spot were chosen to reflect specific e-hail and ride sharing customer bases, as shown by our data.

The “Ride Yellow” spot has begun airing in the back of nearly 25,000 Yellow cabs in December 2015.

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