Joe Reubens, Executive Vice President

The Washington Post called Joe Reubens a campaign veteran while he was still just 25 years old. By the time he turned 29, he’d helped defeat nine incumbent officeholders in multiple states.

Joe Reubens has earned his reputation as one of the Democratic Party’s top political operatives by consulting on, and winning, some of the toughest electoral contests in the nation.


A graduate of New York University’s prestigious Masters program in political campaign management and a former consultant to progressive organizations like EMILY’s List, the Human Rights Campaign and 21st Century Democrats, he has worked on competitive state legislative, countywide, congressional, and statewide political and 527 campaigns in seven states, from the streets of Brooklyn to the deserts of Nevada.


At the Parkside Group, he has he has provided the smart strategy and creative messaging that has made the difference for more than 50 successful campaigns throughout New York and New Jersey.