Case Study

NYC For-hire Vehicle Restrictions


Project Description


The growth of ride-sharing apps disrupted New York’s iconic taxi industry by flooding the city’s streets with empty vehicles circling for fares, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of drivers. Unfortunately, previous efforts to curb the growth of the industry and protect the standard of living for drivers failed at the City Council.  SEIU Local 32 BJ represents building service workers, such as doormen, janitors, & security officers—not drivers.  However, the union committed itself to advancing a legislative solution at City Hall to protect this largely immigrant workforce because it believes in improving the quality of life for all low wage workers.


SEIU Local 32BJ tasked the Parkside Group’s government relations team with aggressively lobbying city officials to pass a package of bills curtailing street congestion by limiting the number of ride-hail vehicles, creating a new regulatory system mandating ride-hail companies to share data with city officials, and establishing minimum pay for drivers. Working alongside labor and progressive allies—along with sympathetic business groups—we worked with City Councilmembers, the Speaker’s staff, and the Mayor’s office to pass this landmark legislation.