Winning Campaign Clients

Winning Campaign Clients

Over 200 Winning Campaigns

As the leading campaign management firm in New York, we integrate polling, research, communications, and sophisticated voter modelling to propel our clients to victory on Election Day.

United States Congress

  • Tom Suozzi (Nassau)
  • Eliot Engel (Bronx/Westchester)
  • Nita Lowey (Rockland/Westchester)

  • Mike McMahon (Staten Island/Brooklyn)
  • Greg Meeks (Queens)
  • Ed Towns (Brooklyn)

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New York State Senate

  • Eric Adams (Brooklyn)
  • Joe Addabbo (Queens)
  • Darrel Aubertine (North Country)
  • John Brooks (Nassau/Suffolk Counties)
  • David Carlucci (Rockland/Westchester)
  • Martin Connor (Manhattan/Brooklyn)
  • Brian Foley (Suffolk County)
  • Jim Gaughran (Nassau/Suffolk)
  • Michael Gianaris (Queens)
  • Andrew Gounardes (Brooklyn)

  • Craig Johnson (Nassau County)
  • Todd Kaminksy (Nassau County)
  • Anna Kaplan (Nassau)
  • George Latimer (Westchester County)
  • Rachel May (Madison/Onondaga)
  • Shelley Mayer (Westchester County)
  • Monica Martinez (Suffolk)
  • Jen Metzger (Sullivan/Orange/Ulster/Delaware)
  • Ted O’Brien (Rochester)
  • Suzi Oppenheimer (Westchester County)

  • Kevin Parker (Brooklyn)
  • Bill Perkins (Manhattan)
  • John Sabini (Queens)
  • James Skoufis (Orange/Rockland)
  • Ada Smith (Queens)
  • Bill Stachowski (Buffalo)
  • Toby Ann Stavisky (Queens)
  • Andrea Stewart-Cousins (Westchester County)
  • David Valesky (Syracuse)

New York State Assembly

  • Brian Barnwell (Queens)
  • Jonathan Bing (Manhattan)
  • Ed Braunstein (Queens)
  • Carmen De La Rosa (Manhattan)
  • Ann-Margaret Carrozza (Queens)
  • Michael Den Dekker (Queens)
  • Mike Gianaris (Queens)
  • Barry Grodenchik (Queens)

  • Rhoda Jacobs (Brooklyn)
  • Micah Kellner (Manhattan)
  • Ron Kim (Queens)
  • Alec Brook-Krasny (Brooklyn)
  • Rory Lancman (Queens)
  • Mike Miller (Queens)
  • Victor Pichardo (Bronx)

  • Michael Simanowitz (Queens)
  • Aravella Simotas (Queens)
  • Michele Titus (Queens)
  • David Weprin (Queens)
  • Keith Wright (Manhattan)
  • Ellen Young (Queens)
  • Ken Zebrowski, Jr. (Rockland County)

New York City Council

  • Fernando Cabrera (Bronx)
  • Margaret Chin (Manhattan)
  • Andrew Cohen (Bronx)*
  • Leroy Comrie (Queens)
  • Costa Constantinides (Queens)*
  • Elizabeth Crowley (Queens)
  • Laurie Cumbo (Brooklyn)*
  • Inez Dickens (Manhattan)
  • Rafael Espinal (Brooklyn)*
  • Helen Foster (Bronx)
  • James Gennaro (Queens)

  • Vanessa Gibson (Bronx)*
  • Eric Gioia (Queens)
  • Letitia James (Brooklyn)
  • Andy King (Bronx)*
  • Karen Koslowitz (Queens)
  • Rory Lancman (Queens)*
  • Mark Levine (Manhattan)*
  • John Liu (Queens)
  • Alan Maisel (Brooklyn)*
  • Steve Matteo (Staten Island)*
  • Mike McMahon (Staten Island)
  • Gifford Miller (Manhattan)

  • Ken Mitchell (Staten Island)
  • Diana Reyna (Brooklyn)
  • Donovan Richards (Queens)*
  • James Sanders Jr. (Queens)
  • Helen Sears (Manhattan)
  • Ritchie Torres (Bronx)*
  • Mark Treyger (Queens)*
  • Paul Vallone (Queens)*
  • Peter Vallone Jr. (Queens)
  • David Weprin (Queens)
  • Mark Weprin (Queens)

* Jobs For New York independent expenditure

New York State - Local

  • Byron Brown for Mayor of Buffalo
  • Howard Weitzman for Nassau County Comptroller
  • Kathleen Rice for Nassau County District Attorney
  • Tom Zugibe for Rockland County District Attorney
  • Lou Falco for Rockland County Sheriff
  • Helen Marshall for Queens Borough President

  • Kristin Booth Glen for Manhattan Surrogate
  • Bob Berliner for Rockland Surrogate
  • Judy McMahon for Supreme Court
  • Barbara Panepinto for Civil Court
  • Lisa Sokoloff for Civil Court
  • Chuck Apotheker for Rockland County Court

  • Phil Soskin for Rockland County Legislature
  • Catherine Parker for Westchester County Legislature
  • Rolf Thorsen for Rockland County Court
  • Mojgan Lancman for Civil Court
  • Wendy Li for Manhattan Civil Court

New Jersey - Local

  • Jun Choi for Mayor of Edison
  • Domenick Stampone for Mayor of Haledon
  • AnnMarie Griffin-Ussak for Edison Council

  • Wayne Mascola for Edison Council
  • Melissa Perilstein for Edison Council
  • Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad for Edison Council

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